Who are we?

We are a family pension for all those who value peace, relaxation and enjoyment of nature  more than nightlife and entertainment. We have always aspired to be our guests feel comfortable and relaxed, and today, almost forty years after we welcomed the first guests, we can proudly say that we believe that we have succeeded. In addition to nature lovers, mountaineers and athletes, our regular guests and a number of institutions and organizations, such as kindergartnes, mountaneers and retirees.


Besides accommodation, we offer home-cooked food, which among others include the specialties of this area: mushrooms, trout from the River Rača, forest honey,  blueberries, wild strawberries and other wild forest fruits. Of course, you should try kajmak, cheese and local ham





Our accommodation facilities currently consist of four four bed apartments and two double rooms. All units have bathrooms TVs and refrigirators.



Phone:     +381 (0) 31 38 59 429                            

Mobile:     +381 (0) 64 21 45 259

Email:  recepcija@tara3m.com

Mail address:

Dojčilo i Milka Despotović

Kaluđerske Bare, Srbija

Please, contact us for the furthrer informations.