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How you can reach us?

Tara is situated in western Serbia, near the Bosnian border, in the vicinity of Bajina Bašta and Užice, some 200 kilometers from Belgrade. 

Several bus lines are runing daily from Belgrade and Novi Sad, while local buses from Bajina Bašta are running regularely several times a day.

If you travel by your own vehicle, you can reach Kaluđerske Bare from several directions:

Direction Šabac: via Loznica, Ljubovija, Mali Zvornik and Bajina Bašta
Direction Užice: via Kremana
Direction Belgrade: via Valjevo, Debelo Brdo and Bajina Bašta
Direction Višegrad: via Mokra Gora and Kremna





Phone:     +381 (0) 31 38 59 429                            

Mobile:     +381 (0) 64 21 45 259

Email:  recepcija@tara3m.com

Mail address:

Dojčilo i Milka Despotović

Kaluđerske Bare, Srbija

Please, contact us for the furthrer informations.